Thursday 4 September 2008

We spent most of our time on my mom's cousin's horse ranch where Kurt got to shoot some extremely big guns (I think one of them is called an elephant gun).

I started the first night and didn't get very far with two grumpy kids and a weak right hand. My husband must have felt pitty on me, so last night before he went to work, he husked ALL of the corn. We had a whole ruitine going and we got half of it done before he went to work, and I finished up after the kids went to bed. I think in all it took us six hours. So we now have eight gallon size bags of corn in the deep freeze. I am so tired of corn.

In Pizza Hut... After conversations and conversations, my sister and I went to the toilet to take photos...

This kind of stuff is the reason I stay out of politics. I vote, but short of that I'm not a die hard in any way, shape or form. I honestly don't have time to worry about that kind of stuff. I don't know the woman nor do I know the daughter. And I don't think that the daughter being pregnant sets a precedent for anything. That business should stay where it belongs - between the mother, father, father-to-be and his parents. That's who it affects. Not us.

We had a very somber breakfast that final morning. Nearly everyone was crying when it was time to say good-bye...even the men.



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